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Thassos Accommodations

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A listing of hotels on the Greek island of Thassos

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The island Thassos, off the coast of Greece, is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places for tourists to visit., is often referred to as the "Emerald of the Aegean" If you are planning to visit the exotic Thassos, of course you will need a hotel. The website HotelsThassos.com is the most helpful tool for finding hotels located on the island, and one will be convinced that this is an excellent place for a vacation. For hotel owners, this site is also the perfect place to advertise hotels on Thassos as it is the number one place to find a hotel, studio, apartment, or a single room.

Travelers who decide to enjoy their journey on Thassos can choose from a variety of things to do. Many people go there for the breathtaking beaches, archaeological treasures, goldmines, hospitality, Thassos attraction, culture, and tasty honey. By looking at some photos on the website, one can see the blue waters and green forests that make up the island. There are many ways to enjoy and see the beach. Some of these are mountain biking, horse riding, boating, and walking. In addition, the island has many supermarkets, souvenir shops, bars, and shops. Once a week is a farmers market with fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

HotelsThassos.com has a list of the various hotels where vacationers can stay. Hotels on Thassos are located all over the island and will enhance any vacation. Tourists can choose from hotels in the center of the island or right on the coast. By perusing the hotels on Thassos website beforehand, vacationers can decide which location would be best for their needs. For example, if the beach is a priority, a coastal hotel will be best. If hiking and walking are favorite hobbies, perhaps a hotel surrounded by nature in the center of Thassos would be the most appropriate.

Hotels located on Thassos are reasonably priced and pleasant. Thassos hotels are perfect for the outdoorsy tourist who needs a rest from a long day out in the sun exploring the island. It is helpful to check out the weather as it varies from season to season. The spring is around 60 degrees while summer can get as hot as 90 degrees.

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Relaxing and memorable holidays in Thassos Island

The holidays in Thassos are an adventure that you are bound not to miss in the next many years. The island tends to leave you with a need in your heart to at least stay for some more time in the Aegean island. It is a pace full of so much to do that you are not sure where to start and what to leave behind.  If it is your choice to have a tour of the island along the coast, you must take your time to feel yourself as part of the Island. You can take about the whole day going around the island, but its worth any minute.

When you are starting your holidays in Thassos, you might want to begin with the main town, Limenas. Follow the sign offered all the way to Prinos.  You can leave Limenas and take a good street as you make a drive towards the Skala Rachoni. As you drive along, you will discover the shimmering sea is on your right hand and the sight is wonderful. Towards the left, you skim through the Island’s mountains, and if you look deeply, you will be able to see the dry land of the island. If you want to find some tranquility and perfect rest in your holidays in Thassos, Skala Rachoni is the place to be.

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As you follow the Prinos sign, you have no choice but leave the elegant sea view shimmering with picturesque bays. If you are in Prinos on a Monday morning, you might find the market in progress and you do not want to miss the spectacle. For your holidays in Thassos treat, you can purchase fresh fruits to consume as you continue with your trip about the coast. The market is a unique cameo on its own and you do not have to leave in a hurry.  After you have sampled the market, you can start the journey towards the Skala Sotiras.

Now, it is very wise to leave the interior of the Island as you head for the Island cost. You will have one of the most picturesque views to enjoy the beauty of the island. In this place, you will find the most memorable sights in the Island, starting with the bays and the inviting royal blue sea, hospitable Thassos hotels to stay. All the towns and area of Thassos that you visit have one thing in common beauty and perfection. It will make your holidays in Thassos one of the most relaxing and memorable.

Travelling to Thassos by plane

The island of Thassos has no airport, but it is served by the International Airport of Kavala Alexander the Great (airport code: KVA) at Chrissoupoli and the airport of Thessaloniki, Macedonia International Airport (airport code: SKG).

There are several scheduled flights from Athens to Kavala every day (50-min flight) and also flights and charters to and from major European cities several times a week. Thessaloniki airport has several flights and charters every day to and from Athens and many cities across Europe but you need a transfer by bus, taxi or by a hired car to Kavala or the port town of Keramoti, which has ferryboats that will get you to Thassos Town or to Prinos port.

Compare and find cheap airtickets to Kavala search air flights online for domestic & international airlines to Kavala with exclusive cheap airfare deals, book lowest Honeymoon & Holiday Packages to Thassos.

The picturesque villages in Thassos are beautiful

Thassos easily qualifies as one of the best tourist places in Greece and with good reason too. The Island has managed to retain its culture over the years though it still offers the best in tourist needs. There are beaches and modern hotels studios and resorts to stay in. Like a city, it has everything from entertainment spots, restaurants, tavernas and a great night life. But all these are blended to fit a laid back kind of lifestyle that is one of a kind. That is probably one of the reasons why so many tourists choose Thassos among the many Islands the world has to offer.

Some of the finest beaches in the world are said to be in Greece and a number of these are located in Thassos Island. The blue Aegean Sea has a defined calmness and the beach bars around, especially in the Alexandra beach are so perfect in every way. They help bring more meaning to a vacation.

When you want to sample some of the Greek history there is an archeological museum for you to do all the learning that you please. There is also a huge amphitheater that the gladiators used and an acropolis too that is one of the greatest landmarks. The whole landscape is green with pine forests being what are responsible for this.

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Potos offers one of the best fishing destinations and if you are a fisher at heart, you will find your ‘place’ at Potos. If not, you can simply soak up the sun in some of the great hotels as you reflect on the beauty of life. This becomes easy when you get to have a panoramic view of Thassos or simply watch a sunset or a sunrise. 

Water sports are also common in Thassos and should offer any water enthusiast good enough reason to stay. The urban villages in Thassos are architecturally beautiful and their streets are lined up with souvenir shops where you can collect a thing or two to remind you of your visit. When the sun goes down, you have the chance of enjoying the night life as like any other modern place, life bursts forth when the sun sets.

Visiting Thassos should prove worthwhile since there is so much to do and learn. But still if you want a place that you can simply relax and take a break from the hassles of everyday, the island is worth a try. Visit Thassos Hotels listing and book now a Thassos hotel !

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