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Golden Beach Thassos a must visit attraction Thassos

The Thassos beaches are numerous and include the golden beach. This beach is made up of two harbors of the Panagia and Potamia villages. Its basis is also known as the Chrysi Ammudia and Skala Panagia implying that it is a gold beach, and Chrysi Akti meaning golden coast.  The golden beach is famous for its water that is crystal-clear and white sand among other attributes.

Visitors to this beach are hosted in the hotels found at the coast as well as on camping grounds for those who are on a camping excursion. The Thassos beaches are also famous for its beautiful overview to the sea and the excellent accommodation in the apartment’s complexes as well as the restaurants.

To get to the Golden Thassos beaches, one has to take a short route away from Thassos town on a motorcycle or on a bike. People who go sight seeing or to take photos at the beach find the short drive to the beach very intriguing. The beaches are untarnished and retain their natural features. In addition, there are is no crowding at the golden beach making it the ideal place to go on honeymoon.

There are shops and supermarkets along the beaches to serve the visitors and sell items such as the souvenirs that one can carry from the beach. The visitors should search for the olive oil that is locally made and sold at the beach shops as well as the fragrant honey as well as marble that is in plenty in the Thasos beaches.

In the restaurants along the Thassos beaches, the visitors are served delicacies such as the traditional Greece seafood recipes that are hard to forget. The authentic foods made in the beach restaurants are sold at very affordable prices ranging to very lowly priced foods. In addition, there are very many cultural based food presentation  that will simply arouse the appetite of the visitors.

One can learn how to do the Greece dances as they enjoy their evening drink at the beach. The most common site is that of a man in beachwear playing a guitar to entertain the visitors in the local language.  The Thassos beaches have a relaxed nightlife so that the lights are dimmed as the guitar plays in the background. This sets the perfect atmosphere for a slow relaxed walk on the sand; or to make a marriage proposal to the one you love.

golden beach thassos skala potamia thassosGolden Beach Thassos

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